Ron Kulas

YLDC is an extremely powerful one week experience for all attending.  I have been on staff for 37 years, with 27 of those years as the Director.  The reason for the longevity is simple: The program has such a powerful impact on the delegates that I can’t imagine not being a part of it.  Unlike other leadership programs that tell delegates what leaders are and how they operate, YLDC believes that every delegate that comes to us is a leader with great potential. Our staff has designed sessions that sharpen existing skills and promote self-confidence. Some sessions motivate delegates to actively make a positive difference in the schools, the community, or the world, where others are designed to allow the delegates to self-reflect on who they are, their acceptance of others, and set direction for the rest of their lives.  YLDC is an incredibly unique experience, and I would love the chance to share it with you.



Associate Director

Diana Lynch-Miller

Diana has been working with and on staff at YLDC since 1973. A retired social worker, she has consistently brought her expertise and passion for bettering her community to conference. From working on planning the conference to making sure that we have every bit of supplies or materials that we require to make the week work, Diana is always there to lend her wisdom and time to ensure that YLDC runs smoothly.  



Associate Director

Nicole J Lemieux

After being a featured guest speaker at YLDC for six years, Nicole joined staff in 2008. An entrepreneur, Nicole started her own company, PeopleGro, in 2001. PeopleGro is a business consultancy firm that brings innovative tools, strategy, and coaching to its clients to allow them to function as a team. Each year, Nicole brings this experience and skill set to YLDC along with the I-Opt survey, which allows delegates to analyze their information processing style. Nicole has been a consistent driving force on staff, pushing us all forward in service to YLDC.