Any student entering grades 10-12 in the following school year.

Who can attend YLDC?

YLDC is held at Trine University in Angola, IN.

Where is YLDC?


This year, YLDC is July 8-13th.

When is YLDC 2019?

Delegates live in the new dorms at Trine University, where each of them will have a roommate selected by staff.

What are the living arrangements at YLDC?

Of course! In addition to rec time daily, delegates have numerous opportunities for free time throughout the week, including a morning running group and a variety show, where we encourage delegates to bring instruments!

Will delegates have free time?

With a few exceptions, it is the responsibility of the delegate and the delegate's family to provide their own means of transportation to YLDC. Delegates may drive themselves if able.

How do I get to YLDC?

There is generally a delegate to staff ratio of 4-5:1.

How many staff are there with delegates?

We have trained staff and a full med kit available for incidental issues—scraped knees and such. If any emergency arises, staff will transport delegate to the local hospital.

How do you handle medical-related issues for delegates?

While we ask delegates to refrain from using electronics during sessions and activities, we have no restrictions on them carrying their devices at any time. In addition, we have WiFi access and a computer lab that is available for use during rec time.

What restrictions do you have for electronic devices?

We have staff members in charge of security that work with Trine Campus Safety to ensure that all dorms are locked, and that all delegates are in a safe environment at all times.

How is safety and security handled?

Only as much as they see fit. While there is a bookstore on campus for souvenirs, as well as the opportunity to order pizza, delegates should have no need for money aside from the $25 materials fee (for their binder and T-Shirt) at YLDC.

Should delegates bring any money with them?

Certainly! The Trine cafeteria offers a wide selection to fit any dietary concerns.

My child has specific food accommodations—will their needs be met?

While we would naturally prefer that delegates are able to attend for the entire week, we are able to work around any scheduling conflicts.

A scheduling conflict means that my child will not be able to be there for the entirety of the week; is that ok?