How much does YLDC cost?

For $350, plus a $25 materials fee, students have all expenses for YLDC paid for—an entire week on a college campus, all meals for the week, t-shirt, binder, and an incredibly impactful experience!

Why should I send my child to yldc?

YLDC has a 50-year track record of positively impacting youth and emboldening them to change the world. YLDC is a fun, educational, and empowering experience for high school students.

What do students get out of YLDC?

Delegates from YLDC have founded nonprofits, become motivational speakers, and found many other ways to change their world. Delegates leave with new information and skills that empower them to become the leaders of tomorrow.

Can I talk to someone for more info?

Certainly! Head over to our Contact Us page (link below), and a member of staff will reach out!