In this part of the week, delegates are asked a simple question: "What do you value?". Throughout the session, each delegate identifies, examines, and becomes more aware of what they value. Then, as soon as they become comfortable, the real activity begins.


Focus on Ability

In this session, delegates are exposed to and take part in a discussion on an often-overlooked topic: Disability, explored from a social perspective.


I am unique: iopt to lead

In this session unique to YLDC, delegates take part in the IOpt survey. With the data collected, along with the following discussion and analysis, delegates are equipped with personalized knowledge surrounding how they process information, and the strengths and challenges that one can encounter with that style of processing.


Talk to Us

Talk to Us is a session designed for and by the delegates. Delegates are encouraged to bring up topics important to them and relevant in their lives and back home in their communities. Topics generated by the delegates during this session shape the small group discussions throughout the week, giving delegates a chance to talk about these issues with other delegates that may have different perspectives.


Cultural Awareness/Personal Visioning

Delegates are asked to think about their own cultural identity and learn about the cultural identity of others. “What do we mean by culture?” “How would you describe yourself culturally?” Next, delegates are asked, keeping in mind the cultural awareness exercise, to think about where they would like to be in the future and create their own personal “vision.”


Power of one

Each of us has within us the power to make a difference in this world. In this motivational session, delegates are introduced to a variety of young change-makers and challenged to set a specific action plan that will help them to effectively use their Power of One.